Best 50+ Lord Ganesha Images, Wallpapers, Photos

Best 50+ Lord Ganesha Images, Wallpapers, Photos – There are many goddesses in Hindu civilization. Lord Shri Ganesh is considered to be very much in them. Children like to know about Ganesha’s stories and about them.

Children are happy when they see Lord Ganesha’s form. By looking at the fat, hands and elephant face of their fat every child feels fun, therefore children too love Shri Ganesh very much. Shri Ganesh, Shiva, and mother are the first sons of Parvati. These are worshiped according to Hindu civilization in the name of “First God”.

According to the scriptures, Sri Ganesh was descended on the earth on the fourth date of the Shukla Paksha of the Bhadon month. Shri Ganesh was not born from the womb of Parvati, but Mata Parvati had built her with her power. A story related to this is prevalent, as follows

According to the legend, once Ganji Nandi of Shiva made a mistake in obeying Mother Parvati. By being angry, Mother Parvati decided to build herself a child. Mata Parvati created a body with the scum and squeezing of her body and put her life in her power. Mother Parvati told him that you are my son, your name is Ganesh. You just have to obey my order and nobody. Now I’m going to take a shower. Keep in mind that until I come back after bathing, I can not come inside a building.

By giving such an order to the son Ganesha, Mother Parvati went inside the building to take bath and the son remained silent for the guarding of Ganesh. After some time Lord Shankar came there and started going to Parvati’s house. Seeing this, the boy humbly stopped them and said you can not go in. Lord Shiva was angry when he heard this. At first, he explained the child, but when the child did not accept Ganesh, he asked Nandi and his Ganesan to remove the child from there. But the child Ganesh defeated everyone. Angry by this, Lord Shiva separated the head of the boy from the trunk and went inside the building.

Seeing Lord Shiva indignant, Mother Parvati asked him the reason. Then Lord Shiva told them all the story. Listen to this, Goddess Parvati was angry and started mourning. There was a stray in the universe with their anger. Then all the Gods praised them together and asked them to revive the child. Then, to please Parvati, Lord Shiva cut the head of an elephant’s child and attached it to the torso of the child.

It is also said that on the say of Lord Shankar, Vishnu had brought the head of an elephant (YAG) and cut it and kept the head alive on the forehead of that child. Lord Shankar and other gods gave many blessings to that gorgeous child. The Gods praised that child with names like Ganesha, Ganapati, Vinayak, Vighnaharata, First Pujya etc. Thus, the origin of Lord Ganesha was.

So Here today we are sharing Best 50+ Lord Ganesha Images, Wallpapers, Photos for Free Download to start your day with the Lord Ganesha’s blessings.

Lord Ganesha Images, Wallpapers, Photos
Lord Ganesha Images, Wallpapers, Photos

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